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Cool Apps you could add  (Feb 2013) SMplayer
- media player
- system monitor
- program editor IDE
- file size map
- web page editor
- file manager
- bittorrent client

You can install these apps if you have an internet connection using Synaptic Package Manager by searching for the key word.


A gui for mplayer (or mplayer2) media player.

Probably the best player I've used that covers a wide range of formats and devices, especially for .mkv files having multiple languages.

mplayer is already renowned for it's support in linux systems. Access to it's flexibility however is a bit of a let down. SMplayer provides an easy front-end to it's features. E.g if you graphic card supports 'vdpau' you can easily set this with SMplayer to reduce your cpu usage.

All the usual functions like aspect ratio, video and audio equalisers, filters, AV sync, post-processing..etc is made available.

Shortcut Keys are configurable and a distinguishing feature is 'position memory' of the video file so that you can continue playback from where you left off last time, and it even remembers all the settings you made for that video like audio/subtitle delays, brightness, contrast ..etc.

credits:Ricardo Villalba (SMplayer). mplayer-projects (Mplayer)

( And while we're here, take a look at..
MenJob A GUI front end for mplayer's brother, mencoder. )

GKrellM is a system monitor with lots of eye-candy. Skinable and Stackable, you can choose from many plugins and skins to add configure to just the way you want.

Better than Conky.
A lot of linux geeks install 'Conky ' after an installation, a text based monitor that superimposes itself on the desktop. The problem with Conky is the that you have to design and edit into a config file and install sensor apps for integration. It's a horrible ordeal. There are helper editors that make the job easier, but not for me, I just wanted an easy to use app, straight out the box.

GKrellM fits the bill nicely. It comes in-built with the usual monitors cpu,ram,disk and network. If you installed 'lm-sensors' then it will also monitor temperature and fan speed.

(There is a site with a list of downloadable skins at
Recommended plugin: gkrelltop

(left: BrassAlloy skin by xhadow)
credits: Bill Wilson

Geany - for programmers.

More of a program editor than an IDE, Geany is very lightweight.

Although there is no automatic makefile generation, the compiler/linker calls can be configured.

Clicking on output errors will position the cursor to the error line.

All the usual syntax highlighting and symbol searches/references are available too.
Compared to large and bulky IDE editors like eclipse, code::blocks and even codelite. Geany is faster during startup.

Graphical Disk Map

GdMap gives a graphical view of file sizes taken up on your disk.

Very handy if you are looking to delete files in order to save space.

It reminds me of the windows freeware 'sequoia'

credits: Markus Lausser


A WYSIWYG webpage editor. (formerly called NVU).

Easy web page editing without having to to write any html at all. What you see is really what you get.



The supplied PCmanFM file manager with Lubuntu is great. Combined with GVFS it's even better.

But one thing inside PCmanFM is too annoying. It made me install a derivative called SpaceFM instead. That thing is PCmanFM's unneccessarily wide 'Description' column. For me, the most important view in a file manager is Detailed-View and the most useful column there is 'size'. Filenames these days almost always have the .extension, so the description is a waste of space taking too much or all of the space covering up the 'size' which cannot be moved in PCmanFM.

SpaceFM was an old fork before PCmanFM was re-written and was developed independently with a lot of useful changes including movable columns, multi-panels, task-queueing and descriptive feedback. It even remembers your last used directory.

The problem with SpaceFM was that it opted for udevil instead of GVFS ( access other filesystems). I couldn't get udevil to work with either smb:// or ftp://, even after editing it's config file. So I had to keep PCmanFM for easy ftp access. For a solution to access smb shares without gvfs, see here. Like PCmanFM, you can also use  it  as a desktop manager and since SpaceFM was upgraded to v1.0, the desktop manager works really well.

credits: IgnorantGuru (SpaceFM) and Hon Jen Yee (PCmanFM)

(drives and book marks)


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