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Config files          

Always Open an app at the same position

Config files determine how your system looks and feels.

Open an App at the same position

It's so annying that some apps don't remember their last closed position and even more annoying that they randomly pick a spot on the screen. Well at least with Openbox, you can pick a specific position for a particular app.
The standard config file to set is ~/.config/openbox/rc.xml but in Lubuntu it's ~/.config/openbox/lubuntu-rc.xml

Near the bottom of the file there is an applications section where you can set per-application settings;


    <application name="pcmanfm">
      <position force="no">

    <application name="spacefm">
      <position force="no">


In this example, PCmanFM will always open at location 0,0 (top left of the screen) while SpaceFM will open at location -0,0 . The minus sign means count from the right-hand-edge.

There are more example settings found inside /etc/xdg/openbox/rc.xml

To restart Openbox, enter "openbox --restart".

To find the name of the app, open the app window and enter into a terminal
 "obxprop | grep "^_OB_APP".

A cursor will appear, use it to click on the app. Some info will appear in the terminal.

For some mis-behaving apps, you might need to position-force="yes'.

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