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No sudo password

As a previous Windows user, one of the most annoying things about Linux is the security mentality. Most people don't really care about security as long as they don't keep anything important on the PC and don't keep it running 24hrs. Having to enter a password to change a setting, install a new app, mount a drive..etc is downright irritating. And no matter how many people disagree with you in the forums, you can always say that Windows didn't require it, and i did alright back then. It's my machine, if I want no security, then why not?

To make life easier, this is how you disable the password prompt on sudo'ing. Some apps (such as synaptic) will still prompt you for a password, but most terminal commands e.g sudo bash, will not.

This involves editing the file /etc/sudoers
open an LXTerminal and type;

sudo visudo

(The editor may not actually be vi. it could be any editor e.g Nano,
If you are root, you can use any editor e.g leafpad /etc/sudoers

Edit these lines when you find them;

# User privilege specification

# Members of the admin group may gain root privileges

# Allow members of group sudo to execute any command

Save the file (for vi, use ": + "wq") (for Nano, ^O+^X)

Logout or reboot

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