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( skip to XQA, the new x-quick-apk-builder (has fewer dependencies) )

How to make rfo-Basic APK packages using XAB in Linux (lubuntu)
is an APK builder created by Stefano to package RFO-BASIC! apps as standalone APKs.


Download android ADT-sdk tools
Go to and download the ADT-sdk kit. I recommend the default bundle which
includes Eclipse, ADT-sdk and platform tools.

Unpack the files to a directory of your choice e.g /somewhere/adt
There should be some directories under adt/sdk,
( Eclipse is an IDE, although you don't need it it is useful to have around )

Download ANT
Get the binary distro from Apache and unzip the files to a directory of your choice e.g /somewhere/apache/
( ANT is a java build tool )

So now you have something like


Install Java
sudo apt-get install openjdk-6

Alternatively, you can install the Oracle JDK version.
If you have both Oracle (Sun) JDK and OpenJDK installed please validate either STUDIO_JDK, JDK_HOME, or JAVA_HOME environment variable points to valid Oracle (Sun) JDK installation.

Install Gambas
# sudo add-apt-repository ppa:nemh/gambas3 (old - not working)

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:gambas-team/gambas3
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install gambas3

Alternatively, If you don't want the whole gambas3 package, you can individually install these packages;

sudo apt-get install <package name>

1019 k      gambas3-runtime
93 k     gambas3-gb-image
633 k    gambas3-gb-qt4
  207 k    gambas3-gb-qt4-ext (includes 2 below)
8526k        libqt4-designer
3658 k        libqt4-qt3support
820 k    gambas3-gb-form
55 k    gambas3-gb-form-dialog
4046 k    gambas3-gb-form-stock
49 k    gambas3-gb-settings
266k gambas3-dev ( the compiler is needed to build an executable if source is downloaded instead of binary)
  ~ 19.4Mb

Install OpenSSL

This is usually already installed, but if it isn't ;

sudo apt-get install openssl

Download XAB

Get X-APK-Builder binary and unzip it for the gambas program (one file) x-apk-builder.gambas

If the binary is unavailable, get the source e.g x-apk-builder.tar.gz
and build it;

tar xvzf x-apk-builder.tar.gz
cd x-apk-builder
rm -f gpl-3.0.txt
gbc3 -a -p && gba3

Make it Executable
chmod 755 x-apkbuilder

Run it

You can also rename it to something shorter e.g 'xab' , but be aware your configuration will be reset.

Fill in the requirements ;
and you will have to create a keystore for signing your app.

Your BASIC! source files must have at least 3 directories;
(even if you don't use them)


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